The 4 Cs of Diamonds

We hope the next time you’re shopping for that perfect diamond, you look to the experts at Joyce’s Jewelry. Our highly-knowledgeable team will make sure you understand every important detail.


Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight

Diamonds don’t have to be intimidating, but a lot does go into the diamond grading process. Color, clarity, cut and carat weight are the guidelines used to grade these gems. To ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money, be sure to come in to Joyce’s Jewelry today.

Diamond Shapes


Our Lifetime Upgrade Program

Joyce’s Jewelry proudly offers a lifetime upgrade on diamonds purchased from us. Customers are welcome to come in as often as desired to trade in the original diamond and after selecting a new one, you are only required to pay the difference between the two diamonds. Our upgrade policy applies immediately after purchase.

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